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When it comes to your electricity, it pays to go with Click Energy.

Your electricity is likely to be one of the most significant monthly outgoings you'll ever have, so it's important to find a electricity retailer you can trust - and at the right price.

Problem is, with energy costs continuing to escalate across Australia, many households are faced with crippling bills - and on top of that, they ‘re seeing no real improvement to the service they receive.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be like this - you can get cheap electricity.

Operating primarily online, Click Energy is the energy retailer that offers amazing savings on your everyday electricity costs.

Where we fit in.

We are essentially the middleman between electricity generators and the energy distributors. And while we don't generate the electricity or distribute it to our customers, we do package up the electricity into a range of affordable energy plans for households across Australia.

What we do - Where do electricity retailers fit in

Why we're different?

  • We're 100% online: As Australia's first online energy retailer, we're able to lower our costs and pass on the savings in the form of cheap electricity.
  • We don't have any additional fees: We don't believe in charging additional fees to our customers, so if you're with Click we won't ask you to pay any exit fees.
  • We don't have lock in contracts: So, in the unlikely event that you want to change electricity companies, you can do so at any time.
  • We're easy to deal with: Thanks to our extensive email and phone support.
  • Plus, switching is easy: Unlike other energy companies where you have to jump through an endless set of hoops when you sign up, at Click all you need to do is jump online, tell us your details and you're done.