Things an IBO should know:

Monthly Billing

Click Energy bills on a monthly basis. This allows a customer to budget evenly throughout the year.

Smart Meters

If a customer has a Smart Meter, they will be billed for the actual usage each month.

Instalment Bills for Analogue Meters

If the customer doesn’t have a Smart Meter, the meter will be read quarterly. They will still receive a monthly bill. For the first 2 months this is an instalment amount (usually $100), and the 3rd month it will be the actual meter read less the 2 instalments already paid.

Amway Sales Contact

If you need assistance to switch to Click Energy online, then please use the dedicated number for IBO’s and remember to quote your IBO number so that PVs can be correctly allocated. 1300 373 017 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm ESDT. You can also email

Gas Bills

There are no smart meters for Gas. A gas meter will be read every 2 months. A customer will still be billed monthly, the 1st month is an instalment and the 2nd month is the actual read less what you’ve paid the month before.

PV Points

PV points are only payable to Amway after a customer has switched to Click Energy and has been billable for the entire month.

Separate Gas and Electricity Bills

If a customer has both Electricity and Gas accounts, they will receive 2 separate bills.

Already a Click Energy Customer?

You can upgrade to Click Amway by calling our dedicated hotline on 1300 373 017.

Click Energy offers energy plans in the following regions

State Electricity Plans Natural Gas Plans
Victoria Yes Yes
New South Wales Yes No
South Australia Yes No
Queensland Yes* No

*South East Queensland is the only area in Queensland with a contestable Energy market, which means that Click Energy cannot operate outside that area.

Other Regions

Western Australia

Western Australia is currently not a contestable Energy market, which means that Click Energy is unable to enter that territory in competition to the incumbent retailer

Australian Capital Territory

Click Energy does not currently operate in the Australian Capital Territory but is currently reviewing this market as part of future expansion plans.